We are excited to share our stories with you and to enlighten our dedicated and passionate eco conscious consumers and eco friendly community about our journey in becoming a plastic free society. Our goal is to make everyone fully aware of the importance of keeping our environment healthy and clean. This is why we started this company, to make sure that the world around us is safe from harm. 

Our Yumi products are durable, non-toxic AND melamine free… But they are far more than just that. Our Creations are beautiful and elegant pieces worthy of being showcased in any kitchen, home party or summer picnic. They are also perfect for entertaining, dining and food preparation! We feature a line of products that are made out of repurposed bamboo, which include an assortment of bowls, trays, serving dishes, and even ice-cream scoopers. 

As a society, we have to commit to a healthier and cleaner world now and for all of the future generations. So let’s start today!

To learn more about our business and products, go to our website at:

 www.yumieco.com or call us at 203.803.1880