How often do you drink tap water?

Do you drink it all the time?

Or just occasionally? 

Studies show that more people are drinking tap water for a number of reasons. These reasons include:

(1) It costs less than buying a 24 pack of plastic water bottles each week

(2) People have realized that the plastic bottles are wasteful

(3) It actually tastes pretty good!

We have this ongoing luxury of water that some people in the world don’t have at all. We can drink the water directly out of the sink and not feel sick like other countries struggle with every day. Or so we thought at least...  

Maybe in the past, before we started this large production of plastic, we had access to clean and healthy water that came directly out of our tap. But in recent years, studies have shown that there have been plastic fibers in our tap water. An investigation was done and it showed that of the samples of tap water they took, 84% of the water was contaminated with plastic. A whopping 94% of those water samples were from the US!


Below is an infographic to show the tap water contamination in each country:

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 10.43.02 AM.png

The ongoing question is how these plastics got into our water system. The big suspicion to this question is the plastics that we carelessly misuse and neglect to dispose of are somehow finding a way into the water.  

There is always a solution, we just need to work together to find a way to stop this ongoing problem, to build a cleaner and healthier world for all.

Studies done by: Orb Media